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The Effortless Mind

Daily life can feel like a fast-paced treadmill, leaving little time to unwind, re-charge and do what brings us joy. Meditation is a powerful way to hit the pause button, increase your energy and start to enjoy life more. The Effortless Mind is renowned meditation teacher Will Williams’ must have guide for modern-day meditators. Suffering from chronic stress and insomnia, Will undertook years of research and training with leading experts from around the world, which led him to find the cure he was looking for in Beeja meditation.

In The Effortless Mind, Will explains how his Beeja-inspired method of meditation has transformed the lives of his students – busy people of all ages and all backgrounds. Their inspiring stories and the scientific research into meditation show the profound physical, mental and emotional benefits you can gain from such a simple daily practice, including more energy, better sleep, greater clarity, less anxiety and a happier, more positive outlook.

Here we'll preview some of the exercises laid out in the book so that you can try them yourself.


Sukha pranayama

(See Page 66)

The first exercise we introduce is the breathing technique that can help take the edge of feelings of panic. We usualy use it as a setup to the meditation practise itself as it make the meditation much deeper and more satisfying, as well as more productive. But it can also be used tactically to calm you down when you’re feeling on edge.

Adrenal Hands Technique

(See Page 66)

There is a second technique that can really calm you down, particularly if you have someone with you, which helps to pacify your adrenal glands when they’re massively overstimulated.

Remember to breathe deeply and slowly, filling your lungs and your chest as best you can whilst your companion ministers to you.

Five Tibetans

(See Page 82)

This is my favourite morning exercise routine, and is an incredible way to start the day and to combat the effects of depression, as well increase your sense of calm, clarity and creativity. It uses all the muscle groups, and is the most time efficient exercise regime I know of, as well as being far better for your nervous system than the majority of exercise routines.

Anger Dissipation Exercise

(See Page 66)

If like me in my pre-meditation days, you have a tendency towards anger, then this can be a useful tactic to dial down the volume on the sensations a little bit. Its not going to be a game changer (for that I recommend learning meditation) but in those moments when you’re about to blow up, it can and does make a difference.

Practise this every day for a week so you know how to use it when the time comes that you really need it.

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Will makes meditation cool. Say hello to a clearer mind thanks to your new bulletproof technique to help you relax and unleash your best self. Madeleine Shaw, author of Get The Glow
Will’s meditation is a game changer. If you want to understand meditation more deeply and how you can harness the benefits in the most profound ways possible, The Effortless Mind is where it’s at. I will be giving this important book to everyone I know. Jasmine Hemsley, bestselling author of The Art Of Eating Well
I learned how to meditate with Will and since then so many things have changed. I have a lifelong tool that has brought me calm, clarity and increased creativity. Eminé Rushton, wellbeing director, Psychologies
Will’s practical, non-woo-woo approach to meditation has enabled thousands of busy people to find a way to fit a regular practice into their lives. Lesley Thomas, The Times

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